Birth Control Causing Bloat, Gas, & Leaky Gut?

My 21-Day Gut Cycle:  

Daily Feel Good:  

1) Opti-greens 50: this is the everyday gut supplement. It is like a "multi-vitamin" for your gut. This has helped me with my constipation, bloat and overall gut health! This is a supplement I recommend to many, if not all people.  

2) GI Advantage: This is the Gut healer. There are specific, vits, minerals, and amino acids to soothe the gut, decrease inflammation internally, and to help seal up the gut lining. This is something that I like to cycle in. I recommend this to everyone doing the gut cycle and/or has long standing gut issues, food intolerances, immune problems etc.  

3) Digestive enzymes: this is used for those of us who feel bloated after almost every meal, constipated, food intolerances, chronic gut issues, gallbladder removal. This will help your body breakdown your food further, and allow your body to use the micros from your food, then dispose of what is not needed!