Do I Need To Take Supplements If I Already Eat Healthy?

You will hear us often talk about whole, real foods coming before supplements and that supplements are only for supplementing into our diet. That then begs the question whether supplements are even needed if we're already eating a healthy diet filled with lots of whole, real foods.   

1. Fruits & Vegetables Are Less Nutritious Than Their Ancestors  

It sounds crazy, but the University of Texas found that 43 different fruits and vegetables contained less protein, calcium, iron, riboflavin, vitamin C, etc. over the past century. Some of this is contributed to our current agricultural practices like the constant need for pesticides and a lack of nutrients in the soil. This however doesn't mean fruits and vegetables are bad and that we shouldn't eat them but instead supplement some of those missing nutrients while still eating them.  

2. 90% of Americans Do Not Eat Enough Fruits & Vegetables   

We hear often from individuals that they eat perfect and their diet is filled with so many fruits and vegetables. The data however tells a different story. It's true that some of us do eat a great diet filled with fruits and vegetables but that doesn't mean that we're getting in the adequate amounts of all vitamins and minerals. This is especially true if we're not eating an assortment of fruits and vegetables. For example, let's say I eat an apple once a day all week with a side of raspberries. That apple and raspberries will only contain the same amount of the same vitamins and minerals. That apple and raspberries will never contain all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs, meaning we're missing out.  

3. The Body Needs More Vitamins & Minerals To Recover Faster  

The reality is that we put a ton of pressure on our body to perform. From working out to taking on a stressful day at work. All activities require our body to use what we feed it to recover each day and do it all again the next day. If we do not provide those nutrients then our body will break down. This process doesn't happen overnight but instead over years. Type 2 diabetes is never just diagnosed over night but it's instead diagnosed after years of the body breaking down and unable to recover properly.  

4. You Get What You Pay For  

No one has to do anything but these points are important to consider when debating whether or not to start adding in supplements. Quality does matter in the world of supplements! These products and companies are not FDA approved. The price of something you buy in Costco and Walmart is reflected by the ingredients used. There's a reason the cheap product is cheap. Certain ingredients cost more to manufacture and that's reflected on the price. Do not be silly and buy something just because it's cheap. Start to learn what you're putting in your body!

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