Mira Fertility Tracker Full Review & Unboxing

1. Mira Measures LH  

Mira measures actual Luteinizing Hormone concentrations and automatically connects to the Mira app. Patented AI algorithms learn your changing hormone patterns to provide you personalized fertility insights like never before to help you know exactly when your fertile and infertile.  

2. Comes With App & Personalized Tracking  

The Mira Fertility tracker uses AI to learn your changing hormone patterns. This highly personalized and accurate ovulation prediction gives fertility advice specific to you.  3. Get To Know Your Body  The Mira method of ovulation tracking gives you specific fertility hormone concentration levels, rather than the traditional 'smiley face' approach.  

4. The Future of Urinalysis  

This is only the start for Mira. The end goal is to be able to test more than just LH. The future of an all-in-one urinalysis done all in the comfort of your home.  

Mira Fertility Tracker: https://www.drlindseyschmidt.com/product-page/mira-ovulation-tracking